Gowanus Club - Don't Get Blinked .. Register/Hedge Blink Bets

Shake! Shimmy! Sweat! ...where the swamp meets, and sometimes invades, the slope...

10,000 sqft of gym space / 5,000 sqft of event space

A telling YELP review of BLINK PARK SLOPE : 12/3/2017

Has high hope for this location but it fails on many levels, will go to back to boerum hill which is better or sunsetpark when it opens. Not coming back unless I have no choice, go to another blink location.

Management sucks. Why? The staff doesn't want to be there especially one of the semi tall tan guy who is by the front desk. Just notupbeat or friendly.

Just terrible staff some of them.

Often dirty bathrooms, floors, sinks The staff doesn't care to maintain it. toilet always has crap or pee stains or unflushed

Horrendous plumbing issues. The shower pressure is literally a mist, the water takes 15 minutes to get lukewarm. The toilet have weak flushing power, very flawed plumbing.

The layout of the gym is 3 floors but very cramped hallway leading downstairs to changing room. It is the artic pole during the fall summer time , too cold in the locker room.

They close early random times & the staff literally kicks everyone out on the dot at closing. They seem to have annoying side random events there which makes them close at random times as well.

The location & building is terrible as there is no good restaurants, coffee or shops nearby, just unhealthy delis

This future Gowanus Club Location generously provided by the :

criminal actions of Jeffrey Simpson of Greystone and Referee Gregory Cerchione and the failures to act by: Greystone/Equinox/Blink (Stephen Rosenberg, Lisa Schwartz, Jeffrey Simpson, Elie Gabay, Jonathan Russel, Bill Miller, Todd Magazine, Dos Condon, Ashley Anderson) and Old Republic Title & PNC Bank( Bill Broekof, Sam Carlisi, Debbie Leonard, Gary Bregman, Teri Gallagher, Richard Johnson, William Demchak, Gregory Jordan, Joseph Rockey, Christi Davis).

... who have been aware of Blink's collection of your monies absent any ethical right for months, and in some cases, more than one year.

Blink (Greystone) get Blanked?
Will Greystone Pig in a Poke sink Blink? - getting fit for the Blink eviction fight!
Brookyln Lyceum Maru
Lyceum Maru - or, you only get the rights you fight for ... - MORE
Worse than Kobayashi Maru -
OR Captain Kirk wold have a tough time with Brooklyn Courts

Star Trek's Captain Kirk re-programmed a Star Fleet Academy simulation that was designed to have the Star Fleet candidate either lose his ship in battle or lose a freighter (the Kobayashi Maru) in the Neutral Zone.

That was a situation no one could win. In Brooklyn Courts we have a worse situation, judges choosing who wins and putting their thumbs on the scale to "make it so" with different decisions for the same conceptual fact pattern.

The Brooklyn Lyceum, aka Public Bath #7 (designed by Raymond Francis Almirall), a community fixture for 20 years as a theater, cafe and sometimes gym/batting cage, needs your help.

The way is CLEAR and CERTAIN for the BROOKLYN LYCEUM, but can be shortened tremendously with a little help from some friends, be they ARTISTS, LOCALS, ARTS ORGANIZATIONS or PEOPLE / ORGANIZATIONS (Brooklyn or otherwise) who think the rule of law and due process are good things, things the NYS Supreme Court and the Appellate Courts must follow, and that the Appellate Court should not be in the business of suborning perjury or making up facts.

Quite simply, we had/have four slam dunk due process related appeals, waited forever to be heard, more than 2.5 years, and the Appellate Court actually lied at oral argument, failed to address jurisdictional arguments legally raised at oral argument, made up facts (19 > 26), altered our appeal brief, ignored dealing with an inconvenient fact (45> 30) and retroactively altered perjury away for the Plaintiff in order to avoid the lower court being "dunked on" while failing to prevent harm to another party by such altering away perjury (analogous to the hippocratic oath doctors take).

With a little help from some friends, we may be able to resurrect the rule of law and due process, if even for a little while.

Pay it forward: Read, review, sign and send affidavit.  Maybe an hour of your life.  Maybe two.

By doing so you get some say in future BROOKLYN LYCEUM programming, or, if that is not does not do it for you, we offer a few other options for your time.

More info below, but the process by which we seek your eyes, ears, higher order brain functions and body will be managed by jafomaru.com, which handles bringing attention to systems run awry, and voting by gowanagus.com, our programming arm.

>>>> Don't be scared, just :

  1. --learn simple rules about Jurisdiction in the next few tabs,
  2. --read about what went down,
  3. --watch a few snippets of oral argument videos wherein the court says what it later ignores.
  4. --watch/listen to parts of an oral argument where in jurisdiction is raised,
  5. --watch/listen to parts of an oral argument where the court asks the other side what it says to the jurisdictional arguments.
  6. --look at 5 pages (3 of substance, 2 of header/footer) of decision for failure to address arguments raised and
  7. --look at the timing of a few docket items
  8. --review and not timing of a few dispositive docket items. 


  • --SIGN and SEND an affidavit (we provide a boilerplate).
  • --That is one affidavit to sign and send.  That one and others, as they become relevant, are posted on JafoMaru.com.

APPEARANCES: On occasion, anyone who has done at least one affidavit can get more votes by appearing in court for a hearing or event as requested by us.


  • --An accepted affidavit (needs to contain the things in the boilerplate or words to that effect, subject to our approval) gets you ten (10) votes.
  • --Every time we use the affidavit in court filings, you get an extra vote.
  • --Every time you appear at a hearing / event as requested you get twenty (20) votes.
  • --*** Former Lyceum Minions: If you setup for markets or crafted espresso drinks or ran the batting cage or booked jazz ... for the Brooklyn Lyceum, you get a vote for each month of service in the Lyceum Coal Mines of Art.  Those votes are in addition to at least one affidavit which vests all votes. Contact us at mailto:gowanagus@gmail.com with details of your service and we will figure out the allocated votes.

OUR WAY OF THANKS: NOT FOR PROFIT / CAUSE WORK:  If participating in Brooklyn Lyceum Programming is not your style, for whatever reason, we are crafting a list of places/causes to which the votes can be converted to work, after the Brooklyn Lyceum.

You get the votes when the Brooklyn Lyceum is successful and you can transition to the cause any time by donating the votes back to the BROOKLYN LYCEUM.

Examples to be expanded upon by suggestion and approval by the BROOKLYN LYCEUM:

  • OUR WAY OF THANKS: PLAYING IT FORWARD:  As soon as we are alerted to a judge who ignores the requisite rules, his recent case history should be reviewed and a scorecard kept.  That scorecard should be made available to the nominating organization and the general public significantly before election and in time to matter prior to nomination.

  • AD2 MARU : The same court that has us improperly blockaded. New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department (AD2) has, for  the first time, oral arguments available online.  We seek to watch all oral arguments for a calendar year (2018), take notes and predict a decision based on the notes and video.  We then look at the decision (which comes out 2-4 months later) and see if the courts follow the science of procedure properly.  If not, we dig into the actual papers presented to the appellate court in a deep dive of sorts. 

  • FELINE INFECTIOUS PERITONITIS (FIP): The Brooklyn Lyceum lost an adopted feral kitten (EMMA) to this insidious, and as yet incurable, disease.  The vet who treated EMMA told us that it was an epidemic in Brooklyn for a variety of reasons.  While there is no known treatment, this would go to help research on FIP.

WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: You can see our ever growing list of prior activities/performers in the story labelled : what has gone before (and you can get an extra vote if you can name a performance  event (either name a one day event or a multiple day event or run)).

WHAT MAY COME AGAIN: You can see some of what is up our programming sleeve : what may come again.

NEXT STEP: DO THE LYCEUM MARU: https://jafomaru.com/wip/10091

Old Guard still standing ...

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  • --Walk-ins Welcome. No fee. Stop by 535 Carlton, you might find an apartment.
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